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CYRO recommends that all acrylic water vessels, including aquariums should be constructed with cell cast ACRYLITE® GP acrylic sheet. This requirement exists for two reasons:

ACRYLITE® GP sheet is more capable of withstanding continuous loads than continuously manufactured or extruded sheet.

ACRYLITE® GP sheet maintains a high level of mechanical strength after water absorption has reached equilibrium.

Cemented joints must withstand the effects of the continuous hydraulic pressure and the high level of water absorption for many years. Two-part polymerizable cements are recommended for this to meet this requirement. For proper cementing techniques see Tech Brief #1-Polymerizable Cement. Solvent cements are NOT recommended.

To determine what thickness acrylic sheet should be used, the calculation below can be used assuming the base is uniformly supported.


Download Excel Spreadsheet - Aquarium Thickness calculator